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How Does It Works
The Nitrogen Generator produces Nitrogen gas from atmospheric air using molecular seives separation technique. It uses carbon Molecular Serves which has ability to preferentially remove oxygen from air. The process and supply of Molecular Seives is licenced to us by Carbo tech Industries service-Germany.
Nitrogen generator consists of 2-beds filled with Carbon Molecular Seives. When compressed air is passed, Nitrogen comes out as product gas from one bed while other bed is simultaneously regenerated by de pressurisation to atmospheric pressure. The process is called "Pressure Swing Adsorption" (PSA)
Nitrogen Purity
From Nitrogen Generator gas of purities from 96% to 99.9% can be produced. Simple PSA unit produced raw nitrogen of 98% Purity. By adding purification unit to PSA unit, high purity nitrogen is produces.
  • Food Industries
  • As Inert gas in Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • for fire control in Coal mines etc.
Flow Scheme
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Automatics Startup time is only 5 - minutes
  • Nitrogen Gas supply always under the control
  • Self contained Skid Mounted unit for easy site installation
  • Very high reliablity to run un-attended for months and months

Nitrogen Cylinders

Nitrogen Generators

  1. Nitrogen Cylinders costs Rs 10 to 15 Per cubic meter
  2. Transfer and handling of Gas Cylinder is very cumbersome due to high pressure risk
  3. Nitrogen Purity in Cylinder is not reliable and changes from cylinder to cylinder
  4. Depedency on availability of Nitrogen Cylinders all the time.

  1. Nitrogen Generators Gas Costs Rs 3/- Per NM3 only (Cubic Meter)
  2. In-house Nitrogen generation as and when needed and in any quantity
  3. Nitrogen purity is very steady and reliable
  4. Continious and reliable Nitrogen supply round the clock. Your production never suffers due to want to Nitrogen Gas.

Oxygen Gas Generators
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